man wearing a unisex LOLLLOLL towels look just as great on men as well as women…. all LOLLs are a unisex poncho towel – watch out or your LOLL may get stolen!

In all seriousness your LOLL is a unisex poncho towel and fits all sizes for women this is up to an 18 and for men about an XL, but there have so far been three reported instances of LOLL stealing by partners…..

Known LOLL Unisex Poncho Towel Stealing

The first was Ali Mutch‘s hubby who is a surfer and started eyeing it up as soon as Ali got it!

Scott in a striped unisex LOLL on Bondi beachSecond known stealing was from Scott Parker who proudly showed off on Instagram… we are not sure who he got his LOLL from, but we know he didn’t buy it, so it must have been “borrowed” from someone 🙂

I don’t have any solid evidence for the 3rd stealing, but let’s just say friend’s husbands are not all they seem…..  Turn your back for a second and they are “just trying it on”.

If you are male or female and own a LOLL watch out for friends and family using the line “wow I’ve never seen one of these can I just try it on?” before you know it they will be going home in the LOLL, with the excuse “oops sorry I forgot I was wearing it”

How Do You Prevent the LOLL Stealing?

There are a few ways…

  1. NEVER take it off – this is hard to achieve, as you might find that it doesn’t fit with the dress code at work, but for weekends and evenings it is definitely achievable
  2. Hide it – once taken off find a good hiding spot so that your other half or family can’t find it
  3. Buy them their own LOLL – this I have found is the most effective way to stop the stealing…. 🙂

If you have a LOLL thief in your house let me know…..

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