100 days of swimming100 days ago back in February I started a swimming challenge, to swim 1km a day for 100 days, well actually the challenge started out as 7 days and grew from there.  Today marks the end of the 100 days.

For the last 100 days I have….

  • Swum about 130km (gps on my watch can be dodgy at times)
  • Swum 6 days a week in the ocean
  • Swum in the pool once a week
  • Not given in and worn my wetsuit, all in my cossie
  • Not used fins, au naturale foot work!
  • Swum at least 1km a day
  • Swum in the dark in a flood lit ocean pool twice – not recommended, it feels MUCH colder
  • Had at least 1 LOLL drying at any one time
  • Swum 90% of the days alone
  • Got cold toes on more than one occasion

Rock pool at Narrabeen beachWhat can I say, 100 days was not that easy, it wasn’t the actual swimming, as most days that took 30-60minutes max, but actually finding the time to go.  Working for myself made life easier as I didn’t have to get up and do the crazy 6.30/7am swim, which is just not me!

Deciding where to swim each time, could be a massive time suck, so a lot of my swims were done down at Balmoral beach which used to be a 7 minute walk from where I live.  My swimming location first choice is the ocean, second choice an ocean pool, third choice a salt water pool (these do contain some chlorine) and last choice an indoor pool.  Luckily over the 100 swims I have not had to resort to my last choice of swimming location, but have instead had the majority of them in the ocean.

Once it started getting dark at 5, when the clocks changed at the end of March, I really had to organise myself to make sure that I swam in the daylight.  If I was going to do this challenge again I’d start earlier in the swimming season, so that I had more light in the day.

What Next?

Well, the next few months are busy with travel back to the UK and a few weekends away, so tomorrow will be my 101th swim, then I might have a day off because finding a pool will be tricky.  But once I am back from the UK in August then I will be back to daily swims, aiming for 200 consecutive days and this time I will see who I can get to join me….  If you are keen comment below!


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    • Lara says:

      Wow Lynne, that is fabulous! Your swimming must have improved. I am contemplating doing another 100 days at the moment, currently on 14 consecutive…..

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