blue and white striped LOLL towelYour LOLL towel is the ultimate beach towel worn by lots of beach goers, but you can also wear it in a variety of places and occasions. Lots of people say “I love it”, but can be confused as to where they can wear a LOLL. If for example you don’t go to the beach, I’ve put together some other places and ways you can wear a LOLL beach towel, sometimes not even at the beach…..

20 Places to Wear a LOLL beach towel

  1. To the pool so that you don’t need to carry a beach towel
  2. From the pool – great if you are wet so you don’t have to get changed or worry about holding up a beach towel to protect your modesty
  3. At home to lie on in the sun
  4. At the pool to dry off after a swim
  5. Zipped up wear it around the house after a shower or bath
  6. At night after a skinny dip
  7. In the car so your legs don’t get burnt on the seats, whether you put it on or just sit on it
  8. As a car seat cover in hot weather
  9. When popping into the supermarket after a day at the beach on top of wet swimmers
  10. At a music festival when using the showers so you don’t need to get changed in the showers
  11. When you staying in a hostel or hotel with a shared bathroom and want to run to the bathroom without flashing your bum!
  12. To stop yourself from getting sunburnt outside, just pop it on
  13. To dry your wet hair by wearing the hood up on your beach towel
  14. To hide snacks in the internal pocket while you are out and about in case you (or the children) get peckish
  15. So that you don’t need to take anything else with you when you go to the pool for a swim, just pop your keys and phone in the LOLL pocket and wear your LOLL
  16. After an aqua aerobics pop your LOLL beach towel on so that you can jump in the car and go home for a shower, rather than getting showered and changed after the class
  17. Unzip the LOLL and use it as a rug for a picnic – very easy to wash if anything gets split on it!
  18. If you are planning to change outfits when out and about take your LOLL to change under
  19. When you just can’t be bothered to get dressed in the morning – a LOLL is all you need 🙂
  20. Pretending to be superman/super girl on a windy day with the side zips undone

If there are any other occasions not on this list that you wear your LOLL to let me know in the comments below….

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