swimming in the ocean pool

As of Friday 8th September, I have swum a total distance of 200km this year, in old money that is 124.2 miles.

200km is the same as swimming on the road from Sydney to Bathurst or swimming across the English channel 5 times!!

Obviously, my 200km was done over 8 months rather than in the case of the English channel crossing about 11 hours for each, so *slightly* slower…..

My swimming target for 2017 is 365km so I am now over half way with about 3.5 months to go and thank goodness these are the warmest months where I will really be able to get out and start splashing away!

I have signed up to do the Can Too program again which starts in November, if you would like to donate and help fight cancer this is my fundraising page.  With Can Too this year, my goal swim will be the 2.8km Palm beach to Whale beach in January 2018, so nearly 3 times the distance I swam in my goal swim this year.  But hey I have done SO much swimming practice this year hopefully this is a much easier season.

My plan for the next few weeks of September is to try not to be too wimpy re the cold weather, and get swimming at least 5 times a week.  Once we hit October the wetsuit will go in the cupboard until next winter and the training really begins.  In October I need to achieve at least 1.6km per swim, but I am going to aim for 2km which will take me around 50 minutes, hence why the water needs to be warmer!

November will start in exotic Queensland waters swimming up at Heron Island where I think over 4 days I will be able to clock up around 10km which will give me a good boost towards my 365 goal.  Then I start Can Too training in the pool once a week and the ocean once a week which will push me to longer distances.

200km sounds MASSIVE to me, I never would have thought this time last year that I would be swimming 200km freestyle in 2017.  I know when I was around the 165km mark with 200km to go I was thinking will I actually be able to achieve this?  It felt like a very big daunting goal, but now I am over half way it is like when I did my 100 days of swimming it feels achieveable.  I know I have this, I’m not saying it will be easy because it won’t, but I know now that I have got it.

Have you set any swimming goals for this summer?  Let me know in the comments….



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