2km ocean swimToday I have to say that I was very impressed with myself regarding my ocean swim.

I got down to Balmoral beach and it was a very flat calm day out on the water – a perfect day for a round the island trip.  When you swim round the island you need to swim very wide as the water is shallow and there are a lot of rocks and seaweed, if it is a very choppy day it makes for a challenging swim as the water pushes you to the island, hence a flat day is perfect.

I had a sore throat today before I started swimming and thought, I’ll just go round the island and to the first yellow cone and back – a 1.2km swim.  I started swimming and got to the yellow cone easily and thought I may as well swim to the end of the section as I think it will be a 2km swim if I do that, and off I went.

When it is this flat at Balmoral it is pretty much like swimming in a pool, no waves, no current and just you and the water – I like an ocean swim like this, but not every day – the rough waves make life more interesting I think.  However, if you are practising swimming technique then flat is best.

long sleeved swimsuitThis is the first 2km ocean swim I have done since the Freshwater ocean swim in February, when the water was very rough with big rolling waves.  I made it to the end, but was so tired I couldn’t even pull my swimsuit off….. in case you are wondering I have a long sleeved suit, as shown here – I am looking a bit shocked and have goggle face, not my finest moment, but you get the idea.

Today I found the 2km much easier, mostly because it was as flat as a pancake and secondly I suspect that swimming over 40km in the last 30 days has built up some endurance and resilliance.

Secrets to an Easy 2km Ocean Swim

  1. Flat, calm water is definitely easier to swim in because,
    1. it requires less energy
    2. you don’t need to look up every other stroke to check where you are going, therefore you are faster
  2. Practice – yep you might think boring, but take it from someone who has swim a lot in the last 34 days, the more you swim the easier it gets
  3. Mental confidence – my swim today was taking in 2 routes I normally do, but I normally do them separately.  I know I can do both easily on there own, so it was just putting them together
  4. Time, you don’t want to stress yourself out about having to do it in a certain time, especially when you are starting – honestly I know I am really not very fast.  Just keep swimming and you will get faster, but make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete it in so that you don’t get rushed, then panic and can’t breathe

So will you give 2km a go?  I have decided that I will swim 2km twice a week in April – wanna join?


Today I wore my blue and white striped LOLL

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