afternoon swimToday was my final day of the 28 day challenge to swim 1km per day for 28 consecutive days.  I finished in style with an afternoon swim at Shelly beach (round the corner from Manly).

As I got to the beach I saw that there was a storm warning for a storm hitting Sydney at 4pm today – uh oh…

I swam 1.3km with a small part in the rain, but the water was so clear that I didn’t notice the rain.  My afternoon swim was in part searching for the sharks and turtle who live in the cove, I thought it would be a cool end to the 28 days to spot my shark or a turtle, but it wasn’t to be.

What have I noticed from my 28 days of swimming?

  1. My tummy is more toned and flatter…  when I poke it it feels hard under the layer of fat, just need to get rid of that layer!
  2. My arms are less flabby and more toned.  There is muscle definition and they look good
  3. My chest and back have stayed the same measurements wise, which is good as it means I have turned fat into muscle.  Swimmers friends have found that they have got broader across the back, but that hasn’t happened with me
  4. I look happy, or so I am told by my two brothers, one brother-in-law and a sister-in-law
  5. My skin is browner – despite wearing sunblock on my face and always swimming (except for the day when the bluebottle got me weeks ago before this challenge started) I have worn a swimming costume with long sleeves that gives me SPF50 protection – so MUCH easier and safer than sunblock and I think needed in the water
  6. My waist is slimmer, I haven’t measured this but can see it on how my clothes fit.  I can assure you that I haven’t eaten any less than before so it has to be the swimming!
  7. I feel FABULOUS!  All the mindfulness, concentrated mediation that swimming is has I think made me more relaxed

I’ve also learnt a lot about myself.  I talked about this a few posts ago and my realisations of how long it takes to change things in life, but I have also learnt that changing just 1 thing a day is easy for me.  When I say easy I mean rather than trying to do lots of different things, just making the commitment to swim once a day has been easy to stick to.  Based on that I am now also not eating lollies and chocolate for 21 days, today is day 6.  Hopefully that will be easy I don’t need to think, I just know that “I don’t eat lollies or chocolate” no decisions needed, just like I know that I swim 1km a day.

So now what?

36 more swimming daysMy afternoon swim was lovely, but don’t worry it isn’t the end to my journey.  The swimming just makes me feel so great that I am going to keep going, the next goal is to swim at least 1km per day until April 27th, as I fly to the USA and Cuba on 28th.  Just 36 more days until I reach my next goal, and you know what?  I’ve got this.

Anyone want to join me on my adventure – remember it’s a swim rain, hail or shine…


Ps Today I wore the blue and white striped LOLL

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