Afterpayday special offer

We have been offering Afterpay as a way to pay for a few months now, and to celebrate that we are celebrating Afterpayday.

What is Afterpayday?

Good question.  Afterpay is a way to pay for your purchases in Australia by paying them off in 4 installments rather than all at once, you make a payment every 2 weeks from your nominated card.  But rather than waiting until you have paid off all 4 installments you get the item sent to you straight away!!

Afterpayday is a day that Afterpay has nominated to celebrate using Afterpay, but also to promote Afterpay to a wider audience.  I mean we can’t all afford to buy everything right now, and we can’t always afford to, so Afterpay sorts that out for you.

For Afterpayday this time I am giving 15% off all sales online when you use the coupon code AFTERPAYDAY – valid until midday on 31st August 2017.  Unfortunately, Afterpay only works in Australia and New Zealand, so everyone else will need to wait until we run another offer later in the year 🙁

If you want to be ready for summer in Australia, visit our shop to get yourself a funky LOLL poncho towel that you can wear to/from the beach and pool.  They also make GREAT Christmas presents if you are starting your shopping early, in fact they were mentioned on a Daily Deals gift site as one of the best gifts of 2017!

So what are you waiting for?  Pop a Shark LOLL in your basket and go!!!  That’s my personal favourite at the moment!


P.s. I am currently looking at a pile of Shark LOLL poncho towels as I write this – they have just arrived and look SO COOL!

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