You might think, well that’s a no brainer I can easily avoid being arrested at the beach, but more and more it is becoming common….  Here’s a couple of incidences…..

Arrested at the Beach in USA

Police make an arrest at the beachLast year in Queens in New York State a man was arrested for indecency – he had a towel tied around his waist and was taking a photo of a friend when Uh Oh the towel slipped and he had nothing on underneath….  Nudity is not welcome at the beaches in the USA – I’ve been told off for sunbathing topless…

Three police officers happened to be at the beach and swooped in and arrested the man according to the Huffington Post.

Whoops, the guys was unlucky to have been seen by the police, but guess what?  If he’d been wearing a LOLL towel that wouldn’t have happened – need any more reasons to get a LOLL? 🙂

Arrested at the Beach in Australia

15 tonnes of litter left at Coogee on Christmas Day

After the huge mess (15 tonnes) of litter left on Coogee beach on Christmas day 2016, the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported that Randwick Council have banned all alcohol from being drunk on the beach in a bid to prevent it happening again.

Previously you could drink alcohol between noon and 4pm on this eastern suburbs of Sydney beach.




police arrest beer on beachAccording to the Daily Telegraph those who continued to drink on Coogee beach after Christmas Day the police made quick arrests of their beer…  As far as I know no actual person has been arrested…

Many beaches in Australia have alcohol bans, unfortunately spoiling it for others, so before you head to a beach just check what you can and can’t do there so you don’t get your wine/beer arrested.  Alternatively wrap it in a LOLL as a disguise…..

At least we aren’t in the 1920s anymore when wearing the wrong swimwear got you arrested as below in Chicago – Mashable reports on the swimwear police in the 1920s.  Although I suspect that we have all seen “unusual” items worn at the beach that we feel the “fashion police” should be told about!  But once again in both these scenarios a LOLL would have saved the day 🙂

arrested at the beach for the wrong swimwear
July 12, 1922: In Chicago, Illinois, a woman is being arrested for defying a Chicago edict banning “abbreviated bathing suits” on beaches. IMAGE: BETTMANN/CORBIS

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