beach essentials this summerSummer is coming (in the Northern Hemisphere) so it’s time to start thinking about going to the beach!  This guide is our top 10 beach essentials that you should NOT be leaving home without this summer.

Top 10 Beach Essentials

  1. Plastic empty sandwich bag:  I permanently keep one of these in my beach bag, they are great for keeping your phone in at the beach, it stops your phone getting all sandy/covered in sunblock.  You can still use your phone through the bag and it protects it from splashes….
  2. Water bottle:  It can get HOT HOT HOT out there, make sure you stay hydrated with H2O so that you don’t get heat stroke or a dehydration headache.
  3. Sunblock:  If you are out for hours and hours you need a good coverage with at least 30 SPF.  I get really brown with a high SPF – you don’t need to fry to get brown!  I also have an app on my phone which tells me the UV forecast and what times of the day I need sun protection.  In Australia there is one called SunSmart, in the USA there is Sunwise and there is World UV that covers every country.
  4. A Queuer:  Have you noticed that on a hot day there are always lots of people on the beach which translates to having to queue for ice-creams, lunch, drinks or anything else you need to buy.  So I always try to go with someone else so that they can do the queuing for me!  Obviously, when I ask them I don’t say “please come to the beach to queue for my ice-cream”….  I don’t think I’d get many takers for that!  The price of a queuer is usually an ice-cream or drink 🙂
  5. Wearable beach towel for grownupsShade:  Personally I cannot just lie out in the sun all day and bake – I used to, but now I just don’t like the getting hot and sweaty feeling, so I either take a hat, so my face is protected, or a beach umbrella or pop-up beach tent.  If you are planning a whole day at the beach, the chances that you will fall asleep in the sun are pretty high, and shade will prevent that lobster look that sleeping on the beach can give you!
  6. Swimmers:  An obvious on the list of beach essentials, but can be forgotten!  Are you a one piece or a bikini wearer?  Or do you opt for the one piece with sleeves for ultimate sun protection?
  7. Sunnies:  Sunglasses are a must have to protect your eyes, and of course stop squinting so that you don’t get wrinkles around your eyes – if that worries you 🙂  Just make sure that your sunnies are just for looking good in and that they actually offer protection!
  8. magazine one of the ten beach essentialsBook/Magazine:  There is nothing I love more than reading on the beach, whether it is the latest chick-lit or something more substantial its great downtime.  I’ve got into reading Mindfood magazine which has a crossword at the back (it’s hard!) and is fun to do with friends on the beach.  I know I sound like a nana, but I promise you that I’m not!
  9. Money:  For ice-creams, one of the must have beach essentials in my book!
  10. LOLL towel: Well obviously, I don’t go anywhere without my LOLL and especially not the beach!

What do you think?  Have I missed anything?  I could have included music, games, surfboard, inflatables, goggles, snorkel and more, but those depend on what you are doing on the beach….


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