Ugg boots after swimmingA few weeks ago I wrote complaining of cold toes after swimming and said I was going to get some beach ugg boots…  Well, they arrived just before Easter, but it has just been the last 2 days that I have actually used them after ocean swimming.

Beach Ugg Boots – what the?

Yes, it may seem a rather odd item of clothing to wear to the beach, but with the water and air temperature dropping here in Australia these are the reasons you should consider a pair….

  • Keep your toes warm on the way to the beach
  • Warm up your toes in the fleece lining (make sure it is lambs wool and not synthetic) after your swim, in a way that a towel or socks and shoes and definitely thongs (that’s flip flops for UK readers) can’t
  • You don’t want to wear your usual ugg boots, you need beach ugg boots so that if they get sandy (which they will) you don’t have to crunch around with sand in them at home

Personally I find that once I get cold toes it is very hard for me to warm them up effectively, so I need to do it as quickly as I can, otherwise it takes me all day.

beach ugg bootsNow, I’m not the only one with beach ugg boots, when I swam on Anzac day down at Manly with the Bold & Beautiful swim squad there was another lady with beach ugg boots!

I do feel a bit of a numpty walking down to the beach in ugg boots and a LOLL, and it was worse yesterday because I locked myself out and had to walk to the local shops to the real estate agent to get the key – duh!!

I have decided that warmth takes precedence over the fashion statement (or lack of it) for my ocean or pool swims.  Although I am slightly worried about the fact that I have broken out the ugg boots in April when winter hasn’t hit as yet!


PS Today I wore my choppy waves LOLL as you can see….

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