Bilgola ocean pool 17 degreesYou will have probably heard this a million times, that if you think you can’t you can’t and if you think you can you can, or mind over matter, or don’t think just do.  There are a million sayings that all basically come down to the same thing, the only person limiting what you can do is yourself!

I didn’t really realise how true this was until yesterday when I went to the pool to meet the seniors from the Avalon Bilgola Amateur swimming club.  I’ve been swimming with this group for the last five weeks in a heated outdoor pool (and yes I know I am not a senior!), yesterday was our first session in the Bilgola ocean pool.  I arrived a bit early and the lifeguards had a board out telling me that the water temperature was 17 degrees…. brrrr, I thought blah I should have worn my wetsuit, but I only had my swimmers so would have to suck it up.

No one else from the group was there when I arrived at the Bilgola ocean pool, so I thought I may as well get a head start and start swimming rather than standing around.  It took me a good few minutes to get into the water and then more to get my head under, but then I was off…  After 16 minutes (according to my watch) the rest of the group arrived, by which time I’d managed to get in 600m, they took ages to actually start swimming and I was thinking, I don’t know if I can stay in the water that long, it is chilly.

Ten minutes or so later they started swimming, one lady, Kay took charge as the coach wasn’t there, she had us doing “fast and furious” swimming to warm up and then other drills with the kickboard.

Seeing the 17 degree water temperature on the board at the Bilgola ocean pool when I initially arrived I thought I won’t be in there that long, but you know what?  I ended up being in the water about 55 minutes, about twice what I thought I would do.  I even got out to rescue some kickboards that the wind blew away and then got back in!

I have been the last few weeks rather wimpy about the cold water, mostly because of the shock to my face when I put my head under, but after the fantastic swim yesterday I have realised that it is ALL in my head, and I can do this, there is nothing stopping me from spending an hour in the water and pumping out 2km – except myself!

Have you been limiting yourself?  Let me know in the comments


Ps I work my Shark LOLL towel to the Bilgola ocean pool much to the hilarity of the group!

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