the pebbles of Brighton beachLocation: Brighton, on the south coast of England.
Size: Large, it is a long beach that goes for about 7km if you include the neighbouring Hove beach.
Type of beach: Pebbles, large pebbles.  Walking barefoot on the beach is not the most pleasant experience.  There is some sand close to the water, but not a lot and it depends on whether it is low tide or not.
Shade: No shade at all, in summer there are sometimes people hiring out sun umbrellas, depending on which part of the beach you are on.
Water:  It’s England.  Water temp not over 18 degrees even in the heat of summer, and although Brighton beach is considered a clean beach (it has an EU blue flag) the water is not that clear and most times you can’t see the bottom.
Features:  Brighton beach goes for miles, and there is a foreshore walk along the top of it which you can walk and take in the sea air, as they used in to Victorian times.  There is also a pier which has cafes, bars and amusements on it, great for a rainy day.  The beach gets VERY popular in the summer, as soon as the working day is over everyone piles down to the beach, it is popular for BBQs (using disposable BBQs) and picnics.  There are also some lovely grass lawns by the Hove section of the beach where you will find lots of bootcamp type activities going on.

Dogs are only permitted on the beach during the winter months.
Lifeguards: The beach is patrolled by lifeguards but only in certain areas.
Facilities:  There are lots of bars, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants right by Brighton beach, so getting food and drinks is easy.  There are also public toilets spaced out along the beach.  There is a children’s paddling pool area, which is just off the beach suitable for children up to about 10 years old – free to use.  There are bandstands along the beach front which often have free live music in the summer with deckchairs put out to encourage people to sit and enjoy the music.  There are also sand beach volleyball courts along the beach, some are free for public use and others are paid.  If you go to the Hove end of the beach there is a watersports centre where you can do stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing.  At the other end of the beach where the marina is there are sailing clubs.
Suitable for: Families with children, older people, fitness people, groups of friends and really anyone who isn’t looking for a sandy beach, and wants lots of facilities close by.


This is one of the closest (and nicest) beaches to London (1 hour by train) so it does become very busy during the summer months.  If you are looking for a good day out Brighton is it, not only do you have the wide open spaces of the beach, the cafes and bars there are also lovely laneways to explore with interesting shops.  Don’t expect sand and clear water and you will have a great time, plus the sea air is very good.

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