Are you fed up of flashing your boobs or bum when you change on the beach?

Does your towel fall down when you are trying to get your kids changed at the pool?

Do you sit in the car in your towel after a swim and burn the backs of your legs?

Fed up of carrying your keys and worrying about losing them on the beach?

YES, YES, YES, YES you need a LOLL towel….

change on the beach with this beach towelEvery LOLL is made from 100% cotton that will dry you like a towel, and there’s more…..

CHANGE – Change on the beach or at the pool without having to worry about giving a strip tease, just put your hands into the LOLL and change with ease

STAY UP – you wear your LOLL like a poncho either have the side zips open or closed either way your LOLL isn’t going to fall off, even when you change on the beach

POCKETS – with 2 internal pockets you can keep your keys, phone and more and not worry about them falling into the sand never to be seen again

LONGER – Every LOLL is longer at the back than the front because we know that when you sit down the back rides up, so the longer back means you really don’t need to worry about burning your legs

LIE ON – Not only can your LOLL be worn but you can also lie on it, just unzip the sides and you are ready to go!

ONE TIME ONLY OFFER get a LOLL for only $50 INCLUDING DELIVERY and save $25

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