Christmas swimming outfit

I get VERY excited about Christmas.  This year we are having a Christmas swim as part of Can Too, well actually they always have a Christmas swim but I missed it last year, so this year I am doing it in style….  I will be wearing my swimming hat with some special accessories… check out the photos…  The dilemma is should I wear the santa hat or reindeer ears for the Christmas swim?

Christmas swim ears

I think to be honest that the santa hat will be the go on the day, as the ears just don’t seem to sit right….  Or I could save the ears for Christmas day?

I have also created myself a new one piece.  As you will probably know as a regular blog reader (if not then sign up here) I love a one piece, especially when it covers my back and front and arms, so that I don’t need to stress about sunblock.  Being in the water so much, at the moment about 1 hour a day I find it very easy to get sunburnt even with SPF 50 sunblock on, the waterproofness is not that great for swimming.  I have now switched to zinc on my face as I was looking far too rosy cheeked!

christmas one pieceTo create my own one piece I bought a rashvest with a zipper all the way down the front and bikini bottoms that I liked that go with it, I then sewed them together.  Simple.  You can see my creation here.  The reason I sewed the top onto the bottoms is that I find when swimming a rashie rides up as I take a stroke and gets annoying, but this solves the problem.

It was only after creating it that a friend commented that it was a great Christmas swim outfit – true, I’m like Father Christmas of the sea 🙂

My only challenge now is that I don’t have a santa LOLL to complete the look…. next year, in the meantime I’ll wear my shark one 🙂


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