Crashing waves at Balmoral - what the?I woke up to a bright sunny day today, and thought perfect I’ll swim now so I can warm up in the sun after – I have been suffering from cold toes after swimming, this may be called swimmers toes – who knows?

As I approached the beach this morning, it was the sound of crashing waves that greeted me, quite surprizing for Balmoral which is a harbour beach and tends to be flat as a pancake.  You can just see the waves in this photo between the trees.

I digress, now that we are in April the air temperature is starting to get cooler – 23 degrees today, whereas the ocean water temperature is still 24 degrees according to the Beachwatch report….  It felt colder than that today, I am thinking 21 degrees.

My goal for April apart from swimming every day until I go on holiday is to do a 4km swim (that’s 4km in 1 hit), this would however mean that at my swimming pace (slow) I’d need to be in the water for 2-2.5 hours.  This is a long time when you are getting cold toes, which I am and today I was only in for 40 minutes, yesterday was 50mins and Monday was 1hour 15 🙁  I’m not sure I will be able to make it… poor planning I know I should have done it earlier in the season.

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cold toes and crashing wavesCold Toes at Balmoral

It looked so lovely this morning, the sun was out, the sky was blue and I thought – I’ll warm up in the sun after my swim like a lizard.  However it’s now over 3 hours since I finished and my toes are still cold, brrrr.

When you swim and it’s cold your body restricts the flow of blood to your hands and feet instead pumping it around your organs, hence the cold toes.  Having read up on cold water swimming (I’m such a wimp this isn’t even really cold yet) I need to apparently get some neoprene socks for my cold toes.

Blue Ugg bootsIn the meantime I am going to try and harden up and have just bought a very cosy pair of UGG boots (a bit like the ones in the photo) to put on right after my swim.  Once they arrive I can start warming up my toes straight away and I am sure that will make a difference, that and the fact that I swim promising myself a hot bath afterwards.

Of course this wimping out may all be to due to the fact that I have a cold at the moment, who knows, but I do know that I still enjoy the actual swimming, I just need to warm up more after.

Do you get chilly after swimming?  I’d love to hear your suggestions on warming up after or during, and I know that some clever person will say swim faster and believe me I am working on it!


PS Today I wore the new Choppy Ocean Waves LOLL

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