Blue and white custom poncho towel

Exciting NEWS FLASH!!!!  Now available on all LOLL beach towels is the ability to embroider the back and/or front with a name, word, logo saying, website, just married, boys trip… or whatever you like to turn it into a custom poncho towel!!

The great thing about these custom poncho towels is that there is no minimum order quantity – you can order 1 or 2 or 10, you don’t need to order 100s.  Great for one off events, shows, weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, girls weekends, swims or more….

Custom Poncho Towel Costs

With these LOLL beach robes you can pick from any of the designs we have in stock.  To customise it you can choose,

  • the font
  • the size of the letters
  • where you want the letters
  • what you want to put on your LOLL

The embroidery takes about a week to be added to your LOLL and is then sent to you, it costs AUD$25 PER LOLL for the back.  To get your embroidered poncho towel just choose your LOLL in the shop and add the Text product to it – we will then email you and ask what text you’d like and bingo it will be done!

Black custom poncho towel

If you were to get a black LOLL towel done as I have in the photo then the LOLL would be $60 and the embroidery $25 = $85 and you get free shipping!!

Custom name on poncho towelYou could also go with red text on a Choppy Ocean waves LOLL as I have here and get your name on the front, so that you know if someone else is wearing your LOLL (which is what happens in my family!)

For business owners your LOLL poncho towel is no longer just something to change under, wear to/from the beach and or pool, but also a potential marketing tool for your business.

If you live overseas don’t worry you can still get your LOLL customised, details are over on the custom LOLL towel 🙂

Of course if you need 100s, then we can create your own design with whatever you like on it!  It could be your logo printed on the towel, or your company colours, your footie team’s colours or your own design.  If you are doing an order in the 100s the price is considerably cheaper 🙂

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