Lara in her Green Ocean Waves LOLL poncho towelI often get asked which LOLL shall I get?  The Turkish Towel LOLL or the regular towel LOLL?  It’s a BIG decision Turkish towel vs towel…. who is the winner?

I personally think that it is really personal preference, as they both do exactly the same job.  The instance for me where the regular towel LOLL wins is after I have been swimming for 30 plus minutes and when I get out even on a 40 degree day I feel a bit chilly and need warming up.  But I have put together a little table below so you can easily see the difference between the two…

Turkish Towel vs Towel

turkish towel vs towel

Today I swam for nearly 40 minutes in the ocean, the water temperature was about 22 degrees, but in the air it was rainy and a bit breezy.  Needless to say when I got out I put on my Stripey LOLL and immediately put the hood up and felt snug as a bug in a rug!

For me the turkish towel vs towel decision happens depending on,

  • The air temperature
  • If it’s raining
  • If I am swimming what I am doing afterwards, e.g. if I am hanging about for coffee after the towel LOLL is better I find, as it looks less wet!
  • If I am lying on the beach and taking a dip or full on swimming
  • If I am getting straight into the car afterwards

See, it isn’t as straight forward as just saying turkish towel or towel…  So when you are deliberating on turkish towel vs towel consider these points, how you are using it, where you are using it, which you like best, the design you like, whether you get hot or cold and how you feel on the day!

The Turkish Towel vs Towel Solution…

Buy one of each obviously 🙂

Which do you prefer and why?

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