swimming cap

I used to hate HATE wearing a swimming hat……  Last year I would always swim on my own or in the pool without one, they never seemed to stay on my head, they pulled my hair, you name it it happened…

I certainly NEVER looked as good as this lady in the photo!

If you ocean swim in races you will know that they ALWAYS give you a swimming hat to wear, usually it is a certain colour depending on your age group and sex – although this depends on the number of swimmers in the race.  The swimming hat you are given usually has the race name on it so that you can keep it and later reflect on the race?! I am guessing that it is so that it reminds you enter again the next year.

attractive swimming hat at North Bondi ocean swimLast year I did the North Bondi 2km swim and my hat was a nightmare – as you can see in this photo, it got to the stage where it was coming off after 5 strokes, so I ended up just putting it on top of my head like so rather than tucking my hair in – not an attractive look!

Why Wear a Swimming Hat?

I can understand that wearing a swimming hat in a race is important as it means that the water safety team can identify who is in the race and therefore who they need to keep an eye on.  But in everyday training do I need to bother?

It wasn’t until I did a Manly to Shelly swim with a friend (the same one who challenged me to swim my 100 days) that I fully understood why I needed to wear a hat.

We were swimming (well trying to swim) out of Manly beach to go over to Shelly but the waves were pretty big and I just kept going backwards and forwards over the same 5 meters of water, my friend go past the break but I totally struggled.  We ended up calling it off when she told me my lips were going blue!  She also told me off for not wearing a swimming hat!  The reason?  Well if I needed saving I wouldn’t be very easy to spot.

I could see how on that day that I may have needed saving, I mean we had surfers coming up to me and asking if we were ok…. (that’s a rare event!)

Ever since that day I ALWAYS wear a swimming hat in the ocean, even if I am just going out for a quick bob – I want to be saved if it comes to that and I want to be easy to spot!  Plus it also keeps the hair out of my eyes…

I have also found that not all swimming hats are created equal… if you are having issues with yours then try a fabric one, or a silicon one… there are lots about and I have now have 2 types that work for my head 🙂

Hopefully you now won’t going swimming in the ocean without a hat even if you have no hair 🙂


Ps today I am wearing my Choppy Ocean blue and white LOLL


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