beach ponchoYep it can be very hard work being an entrepreneur, especially when you are working on a range of beach towels.  That was life today going to the beach to “check that the towels worked” aka doing the market research – I don’t want to be accused of not doing enough product testing!

You will be pleased to know that yes the towel works I wore it down to the beach, unzipped placed it on the sand, lay on it for a while, had a swim, lay on it again and zipped up for the walk home.

I was experimenting with the head rest/cushion, should it be folded over so that I can kind of have a pillow that is my phone in the pocket, or should it be flat?  Oh the first world dilemmas that we have to deal with.  You know what?  I liked it folded over, because I could also hide my sunnies under the folded bit while I went for a swim.

Since it is still not actually summer here (although it does feel it some days) I loved having my LOLL to wear back home, usually I am a tuck the beach towel around me kinda girl, and also the “trip up the stairs as my towel falls down” kinda girl, but not today…. today I was sophistication all the way.

Since going to the beach is one of my favourite pastimes, I think I am going to love love love this new business – I mean lying on the beach all day what is not to love….  Yes I know I am dreaming and also I would get bored, but hey why not!

How has your day been have you been dreaming or working or something completely different?