Lara in a new long sleeved cossieI wrote a blog post a few weeks ago on long sleeved swimsuits, and how much I loved them, well then I got given the one in this photo for my birthday…..  I thought I was in love with the zip up the front swimsuits, but now that I have a zip up the back one I am a new woman.

Bond girl with cross bowunzipping swimsuitPreviously to buying this swimsuit I felt/thought that a zip up the front was far more bond girl as in the Thunderball movie (and other Bond movies, where the girl comes out of the water in a wetsuit/swimsuit and unzips it).  To me the front zip swimsuit is more sexy than a back zip – says wetsuit I think.

However that all changed once I got this O’Neill swimsuit on….

The 3 Advantages of a Backzip Swimsuit

  1. Easy to get on – just put your arms in and zip up, pretty much the same as a front zip, the only challenge can be if you don’t have your hair up it can get tangled in the zipper
  2. When you have finished swimming, especially after a long swim when your arms are tired, getting your arms out is about 1MILLION times easier than a front zipper.  When I did my first 2km swim I had to get my friend to pull off my swimsuit my arms were just SO tired….
  3. You can take your arms out and still keep your modesty (boobs covered).  With a front zipper once your arms are out you are topless…


Obviously feeling good in your swimsuit is important, this O’Neill one is really really soft and it doesn’t feel restricting or rub anywhere.  It is super quick drying and so far I have had about 5 strangers come up to me and tell me how great it looks on me – not a comment that I get that much in swimmers!

BTW I was not given this swimsuit by O’Neill, but from friends for my birthday, but I just love it so much that I had to tell you guys about it….


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