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Last month a friend of mine was camping at a music festival, she had a camper van and her own festival camping towel, so it wasn’t totally roughing it, however with all festival camping there comes the trials and tribulations of the SHOWERS!




Real Life Festival Camping Towel Experience!

festival camping showersMegan’s experience of the showers at the music festival, does not sound that pleasant….  “The showers at the music festival were the lovely ‘back of a truck’ variety and the stalls were so small – you had to try and get dry while not allowing the towel to touch the walls or the floor – the walls have other peoples hair stuck on them and the floors are muddy – delightful!

It’s been a few years since I’ve had the pleasure of camping showers, my last festival we took those shower bags which you hang up in the sun to warm up in the day and then there is a hose attached that you can wash yourself with either naked, or in my case in a bikini.  I always think of campsite showers as being like swimming pool showers only 10 times worse!”

Megan’s experience certainly sounded grim.  I asked Megan is it just that she is getting old (hehe), but she said “I wouldn’t say it was an age specific thing – there was a young drunk girl in the shower line one morning wearing only a midriff woolen jumper!!” Obviously when it comes to festival camping no one wants to get changed in the showers!  They just want to get wet and clean(ish) and get out before they catch anything!”

Finally Megan told me “I’m definitely going to purchase a LOLL after the music festival, plus we spent the next two weekends in caravan parks and there is definitely a use there to be able to throw the towel on in the tent/caravan and go to the showers without having to carry all your clothes with you and try not to get them wet!”

If you want to avoid flashing your bum to the world and/or getting your clothes wet then getting a LOLLas your festival camping towel is the perfect solution –

STEP 1: Take your clothes off in your tent or campervan or even your glamping tent (for those richer campers amongst us) and pop on your LOLL, put your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the pocket, walk over to the showers….
STEP 2: take off your LOLL in the shower, wash and finally…
STEP 3: put your LOLL back on and trot back to your tent/campervan/glamping pad to put on clothes!

If you know a regular festival goer why not get them a LOLL?

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