inspiring men

You may or may not know that I am single, and have been on and off for about 9 years, I know, I know how can someone as AMAZING as me be single?  I ask myself that a lot! 🙂

One thing I have realised recently is that I am inspiring men that I meet.

Inspiring Men?  How?

Indeed that was my question as well.  I have now spoken to two potential dates one who told me that after me telling him about my ocean swimming it inspired him to go in the ocean.  He loved it so much he was going to buy a wetsuit and make it a regular part of his day.  Another man told me that after me telling him about my swimming it inspired him to start running again.  This was after nearly 20 years of not running!? what the?  Who knew I had such power to inspire men!

I have to say that inspiring men to exercise is a by-product of my dating experience, it’s definitely not what I set out to do.  But I do know that I am passionate about my swimming (you may have guessed), but according to my brother I am not boring about it…. my other brother can be a little boring about his cycling so I am aware that if it’s not your bag the convo is not exciting!

Isn’t it strange how one small interaction – a phone call and few text messages can inspire people.  If that’s what a text message can do imagine how INSPIRING this blog must be?   (HINT subscribe so you don’t miss it)

I know a girlfriend who loves telling her friends about my swimming challenges and she told me how it inspires them.  I think what inspires people is the passion and the going from nothing to something – from 7 strokes with my head in the water to 2km.  It makes people feel like I could do that too, plus the fact that I don’t look like an athlete probably helps, it makes it feel more accessible – I mean I do have muscles but some are hidden from view under a layer of ice cream!  I don’t want everyone to be jealous!

Are you inspiring men or women with your exercise?  Or maybe just inspiring yourself?  Tell me in the comments I’d love to hear….


PS Today I wore the Shark LOLL towel for my swim it makes me feel fierce!!!!


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