limited edition towelIf you were worried about buying a LOLL and then seeing 20 other people on the beach or at the pool in the same LOLL you can reeeeeelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax.  You may not know this but ALL the LOLL designs are a limited edition towel, that is I order a set quantity of each design – at the moment it is 300 and when they are gone they are gone for good!

Limited Edition Towel – What the?

Yes you may be confused… you may be thinking, but why not keep a set range in stock and always have for example a black one or a stripey one…

Making LOLLs a limited edition towel it means that…..

  1. You won’t see all your friends wearing the same LOLL and look like twins (unless of course you want to!)
  2. New designs will be coming out all the time, as one design gets low on stock another one will appear
  3. You can mix and match your LOLLs with one for the bathroom, one for camping, one for festivals, one for the pool and one for the beach
  4. Everyone in your family can have a different design and you know EXACTLY who’s is who’s so that LOLL stealing doesn’t happen
  5. I can personally have more fun and do more interesting designs as they only need to appeal to a limited number of people not 0000s
  6. If a special event is coming up then I can produce a LOLL specifically for it
  7. Your LOLL will potentially become a collectors item in the years to come…
  8. You can start to collect your LOLLs, hey you could even just switch to wearing a LOLL limited edition towel FULL time… ok now I may be getting a bit carried away 🙂

Anyway you get the idea, a limited edition towel has lots of positives for everyone and will I think make life much more fun.  If you have an idea for the design please get in touch

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