The swimming challenge is onThe last few weeks have been FULL of swimming with my swimming challenge.  In general, people say it takes over 21 days to form a habit, however apparently 66 days is closer to the mark, either way, I am well on my way to my swimming being a habit.

Yesterday I hit 55 days of swimming a minimum of 1 km per day.  With an average of about 9km per week, I’ve swum just over 72km in this time.  WOW, I am very impressed with myself.

My swimming challenge has now become not will I or won’t I swim, but when will I swim each day.  It has taken me about 30 or so days to get to that point.  You might remember my last post on my swimming challenge at 28 days since then I have been trying to up my distance.

Swimming Challenge Tips

  1. PLAN – Either the night before or the morning of the day I work out when I can get my swim in.  I am doing my swimming in the ocean and therefore it has to be between the hours of 7am and 5pm at the very latest, so I need to be organised.  I can if I miss the 5pm slot always go to the pool which is open until 9pm, but it’s not as nice as the ocean in my book!
  2. MULTIPLES – You need at least 2 towels or LOLLs and 2 sets/pairs of swimmers.  I think that there is nothing worse than putting on wet swimmers to go swimming, and YES I know you are going to get wet, but it just means you start out feeling colder.  It’s probably a psychological thing….  The towels (preferably LOLLs :)) are because NO ONE wants to get dried with a cold wet towel, and depending on what time you swim each day they aren’t always dry especially now it isn’t as warm in the day.
  3. BE KIND TO YOURSELF – I live about 7mins downhill walk to Balmoral beach, about 10 on the way back, which means I need to add an additional 20ish minutes onto my swim time.  Some mornings I just don’t have time to walk down, swim and walk back, but I can drive, swim, drive and just make it.  Be kind to yourself you don’t need to kill yourself to get your swimming challenge done.
  4. BE PREPARED – Sometimes I will have morning meetings with work (I work from home) which I need to drive to, I will often throw in my swimmers and LOLL in the car so that I can stop at the beach on the way back, as I know how hard it is to go out again once you are home.
  5. THEY WON’T ALL BE PBs – Some swims, like today when my new goggles leaked like mad so I had to literally stop and empty out the water every 15 -20 strokes, are just not power sessions.  Don’t beat yourself up about it, just get out there tomorrow and bust some moves.  Remember doing any swimming challenge is more than the regular person on the street who probably can’t even swim to the end of their street!!

I’d love to hear about your swimming challenges, let me know in the comments and if you are on Strava find me so we can be buddies 🙂


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