LOLL towel with a pocketOne of the things I love about the LOLL that it is the only beach towel with a pocket, an inside pocket that is.  It’s kind of secret as it is on the inside only accessible to the wearer (unless of course someone slips their hands inside your LOLL).

When I pop down to the beach for a quick swim all I need is my phone, keys, sometimes money and sometimes sunblock, which is why I added the pocket – it makes life so easy, no need to carry them separately which always results in me dropping one of them, instead they are on me.

There are actually 2 pockets, the main one secured with velcro and inside that there is a smaller zippered one designed for your phone – the idea was that getting your phone wet and sandy is really not a good plan and WHOEVER your phone manufacturer is they never seem to cover for “beach incidents”!   You don’t need to worry about your phone and/or keys with the double pocket, it will stop the sand and also means that you can keep it out of sight easily on the beach or at the pool.

Black beach towelA beach towel with a pocket is quite a simple idea, and yet I am yet to find any others that exist…..

The pocket idea has been tested thoroughly, the first version was one of those plastic zippable wallets that they sell at Officeworks, while this was the right idea in principle in practice when you got wet the “pocket” stuck to your tummy if you were wearing a bikini or boardies 🙁  No one wants that, the other challenge was that it was cold on your tummy when first put on – this was tested by a person with a very sensitive tummy!!

Hence the LOLL pocket transformed into a snuggly beach towel with a pocket and a smaller inner pocket.  If you are reading this and are thinking, but I need x or y as well, then please do shout up as I am always open to new ideas and they can be incorporated into future designs….

As for me I am off to see how much more I can get into my pocket without looking like I have eaten too much Christmas cake!!

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