Bianca Dye radio presenter on Gold FMBianca Dye has been busy on her Drive radio show on Gold FM giving away LOLLs…  Over the last week 5 lucky winners each called into the radio show and got a LOLL towel for FREE.  Check out what they and Bianca thought of the LOLLs in the radio snippets below….





Jason wins a LOLL

Bianca says “It’s a changeroom and towel all in one

Shaz wins a LOLL

Bianca says “This is the coolest invention ever!

“It’s a wearable beach towel that zips up at the sides so you can get out of your bathers and into your undies on the beach and no one can see anything”

On winning Shaz says “This will save my husband the embarrassment of when I put a towel around me on the beach and he says don’t do it here!  You have made my afternoon!

Yep, there you have it three (if you count Bianca) very excited people there about their LOLL wearable towels.  LOLLs are in demand, we are getting daily requests from celebs who want to get their hands on one.  If you have a LOLL I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on it, which bits do you love, are there any improvements we could make, what designs do you think we should bring out next and more – I want to know!!  Jot your comments down below 🙂

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