When I say take a LOLL hooded beach towel snorkeling with you I don’t mean in the water, but to the beach/boat with you so that it is ready for you to put on as soon as you get out.  Recently I went to the Cook Islands on holiday and found that despite the 27 degrees air temperature I still felt cold and needed my LOLL to put on after my snorkel.

snorkelingReasons to Take a LOLL Hooded Beach Towel Snorkeling

  1. When snorkeling you are usually in the water for a longer period of time than when swimming, time just flies when looking at beautiful fish, therefore when you get out you are cold.  Plus snorkeling tends not to be as vigorous as swimming but more of a float with the occasional swim!
  2. Snorkeling from a boat often means that you are snorkeling in deeper water which is colder than the shallows and therefore you feel colder in the water and need to warm up when you get out
  3. When it is windy on land you get out of the ocean from snorkeling and despite whatever temperature the water is you immediately cool down with the wind
  4. It means you can immediately take off your wet swimmers and either change into something else or just go commando (wear nothing) under your LOLL
  5. If you are snorkeling on a cloudy day often the air temperature is cooler than the sea, therefore you get out of the ocean and immediately feel cooler, popping on your LOLL hooded beach towel will warm you up straight away
  6. You want to get changed into dry swimmers or clothes right after snorkeling and don’t want to flash your bum (or anything else) to the rest of the beach
  7. A hooded beach towel is perfect to protect you from the sun if it’s a hot sunny day while you dry off
  8. To stash snacks in ready for when you come out of the water and need that little something to give you an energy boost ready to lie down and relax on the beach!
  9. So that you can strip off naked and just wear your LOLL, no swimmers needed and enjoy the fact that you know you are naked and no one else does… or is that just me?

So now you know the secret to snorkeling with a LOLL will you be taking yours?

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