On Sunday we had a busy day on Balmoral beach in Sydney shooting photos and video of the new LOLL poncho towel.  With professional photographer Kirsty from Green Eyed Girl Photography we primped, posed and swam in our LOLL towels to bring you some awesome shots.  Here is a selection of a few of my favourites from behind the scenes…..

photoshoot for LOLLKirsty makes us all work hard with words like “work it baby” “look like you are having fun” and “REALLY is that a natural pose for you?!?”

LOll beach towels on locationOur two models were slow walking and chatting as Kirsty rattled off a few shots getting the gorgeous Balmoral beach and boats in the background.



Lying on the beach modellingTime for a bit of a chat as we wait for our closeups and 30 seconds of fame!  That’s me in the middle in the green bikini, I got kicked out to behind the scenes after this shot because I was getting props!  Meanwhile our model Cara (far right) catches a few zzzs while we wait – who said modelling is easy?

Lying back relaxing on the beachTrying out a few different poses Cara really gets into the swing of looking seductive in a poncho towel… see wearing a LOLL doesn’t equal unsexy – you can rock it if you want!



sitting in a LOLLOur models chill out in their LOLLs and sunnies waiting to be called for a full length shot.  Look how great they look – sitting on the beach in their poncho towel just hanging out….

Pain au Chocolat that's what LOLL models eatAs for the doubters who say models don’t eat, they do on a LOLL photoshoot!  Pain au chocolat anyone?

Gotta keep your energy up for all the posing 🙂




Excited about the LOLL pocketFinally a very excited Georgia finds the internal pocket that every LOLL poncho towel has (for phones, keys or nibbles) and shows it off!

It’s a wrap great shoot, brilliant sunny day, no sunburn and there was time for a swim afterwards…..

P.S. The models used in the shoot range in size from a 6 to 16 to show you that a LOLL poncho towel really is one size fits all!


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