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For the fourth LOLL photoshoot, it was time to show off LOLL as a pool towel….  We were once again REALLY lucky with the weather, it was a bright sunny day over at MacCallum pool in Cremorne.  If you haven’t been MacCallum pool is a free ocean pool right on Sydney harbour, you have views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the pool – it must be one of the most exclusive pools for views!

Sydney harbour viewsThis time the goal was to showcase the Choppy Waves LOLL and Green Ocean Waves LOLL.  Both of these are a horizontal zigzag pattern.

For this shoot, we had two friends as our models Pamela and Irene, who spent the whole time chatting away in Spanish and never seemed to run out of things to say!

sitting on a LOLLHere you can see Irene and Pamela enjoying the views of the harbour in their Choppy Waves LOLL pool towel, while another LOLL just hangs around.  You will notice that this new LOLL has the front and the back the same length – this is from the feedback we received from you.  The front was too short was the challenge for some people, hence it was made longer and the back slightly shorter.  Also, the zips now start slightly up from the bottom and go higher towards your armpit so that it protects more boob modesty.

Pamela (with the blue bikini top) it turned out was a child model for clothes, and she just loved the camera.  Irene was more reserved but still fabulous.  In case you are wondering what size they both are, Irene, is an Australian size 10 and Pamela an Australian size 12.

LOLL really is a pool towel!The final shots that I wanted to get were of the girls jumping into the pool in their LOLL poncho towel – making LOLL a REAL pool towel!  Once the LOLLs got wet the patterns looked like mermaid scales on the girls, as they swam around the pool.

Where do you think next shoot should be?  maybe you can join us as a model?




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