meaning of the brand name LOLLI am often asked if LOLL means anything, well it does actually have two meanings (one was just not enough!).  

First Meaning

The first meaning was for the word LOLL meaning to loll about, lazy around, lie about and generally chill out.  I think that the water just does that to a person, or maybe just me, but either way I love to LOLL.

However being British I found that many Aussie friends didn’t really get it, in that is it not a word that they use much, so lucky I had a back up second meaning….

Second Meaning

The second meaning as you can see here in this image means…

I love the idea that you guys are using a product that I designed and love myself.  Having a product like a LOLL is all about making your life easy, whether it is wearing it to and from the beach (so you don’t need to carry a towel) like I do most days – I like to fit in a 30 minute ocean swim a few times a week.  Or like my friend who wears it to the pool so that when she is helping her girls get dressed after swimming she doesn’t freeze.

Then of course what I’d encourage everyone to do is LOLL on your LOLL, just unzip the sides and start LOLLing, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!  Unzip, relax and grab some zzzzzs or a magazine or just hang out and chat to friends.  I hope that you enjoy your LOLL as much as I do, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!  Drop a review on the product page or just email me.

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