Beach towel with a pocketIf you have seen the LOLL towel with a pocket you may or may not know that they actually have two pockets – one inside the other!  The reason for the pockets are obviously to keep items in, but you may wonder what you should be keeping in there….

12 items you can keep in your LOLL towel with a pocket….

  1. Your mobile in the internal pocket, this stops it from getting sandy if you are at the beach, but also means it won’t get scratched against other items if it was just in the main pocket (been there done that!)
  2. Keys, car keys, house keys whatever keys you need to your lifeBlack beach towel with internal pocket
  3. Swimming pool pass, or gym membership card, the one that will let you access the water….
  4. Snacks for later, we all know that swimming makes you hungry, hence snacks – I wouldn’t recommend meltable snacks as it does make a mess in the pocket, this is from experience!
  5. Book or magazine, it may not look like a huge pocket, but you can fit either of these in, great if you have some time to chill out or have to wait for someone else (who doesn’t have a LOLL and therefore takes ages getting changed!)
  6. Ipod or other device that you keep your tunes on, nothing like a bit of “shake it up” to get your blood pumping ready to swim 🙂
  7. Makeup, if you like to do a little touch up job before or after a swim, your LOLL pocket is the perfect place to hide a few things
  8. Sunblock, a definite must if you are heading to the beach
  9. Goggles, yep they fit in the pocket too, believe me the LOLL pocket is rather like that carpet bag that Mary Poppins had….
  10. Money or credit card, I’d recommend the internal zipped pocket for this, just in case you rip open the velcro on the main pocket with such force that your cash flies everywhere….
  11. Sunnies, again if it’s a trip to the beach it is great to have a safe spot to put them when you aren’t wearing them
  12. Notebook and pen for jotting down thoughts, ideas or some hot guy or girls phone number…

There is obviously no limit as to what you can put in your LOLL pocket – what do you keep in yours?  Tell me in the comments…..

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