The ocean at Manly Beach AustraliaLocation: Manly beach, Sydney Australia
Size: approximately 1.5km long, as such it is divided into 3 (Manly, North Steine and Queenscliff) but they are basically all one long beach, just each section has a different name. Even at high tide there is still a lot of sand visible.
Type of beach: sandy, with yellow-white sand, no pebbles. It is an ocean and surf beach, sometimes the waves get to over 2ms high and the beach is closed.
Shade: No, although in the late afternoon once the sun drops behind the buildings there is shade from the trees, probably from about 6pm ish (in summer) depending on the time of year.
Water: The water temperature can get up to 24 degrees celcius (depending on the season), the water is crystal clear except if there is an influx of seaweed. Plus the ocean has shark nets once you get out about 20m from shore
Features: Beach volleyball courts, surf lessons, surf beach, sand, a few rock pools at one end, an ocean pool at the other (the Queenscliff end) and designated swimming and seacraft areas.
Lifeguards: Yes all year round, but only at certain points on the beach – look for the red and yellow flags
Suitable for: Everyone! Long enough to run along, big enough waves to surf on, patrolled area for safe swimming, an ocean pool for lap swimmers with enough space to spread out and sunbathe.
Facilities: toilets, outdoor showers, paid parking, lifeguards, restaurants & convenience stores opposite the beach plus alarms that sound to remind you to put on sunblock in the summer

Manly is one of my favourite beaches in the world. There is soft sand, hard sand, sandcastle building sand, room to sunbathe, swim or jump waves whatever takes your fancy. In the summer it does get VERY busy, but you can always find a spot on the sand where you aren’t on top of someone else. The only downside to Manly beach is the lack of shade, and in the summer when it can hit 40 degrees you really need some shade, so a sun umbrella is recommended.

Smoking is banned on the beach.

Great beach for the whole family, whether sunbathing, building sandcastles, surfing, swimming or playing with friends.

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