Morning swimToday was supposed to be a busy day with a meeting out west and drinks this evening, so I thought I’d get a head start on the day and swim at 7am – this is why I have said it is an earlyish morning swim….  Some of you might be thinking “I’ve already done 3 hours work by 7…”  I am not a morning person really so this was early for me.

In actual fact I got down to Balmoral at 7.15am, as you can see the sun is just peeping through the clouds onto the water – it was great being down there at that time.

A morning swim is a regular event for lots of locals in Mosman, and this morning was no different, I missed the 6am peak hour, and was too early for the 8am group so pretty much had the ocean to myself.

The water is still a balmy 23 degrees, although it didn’t really feel super warm initially – I am really wondering how I am going to cope in the actual cold water.  I think I will just have to suck it up!

Today’s swim was eventful in that I got stung by a bluebottle through my swimming costume – it was a painful side of the boob sting – not recommended.  Not as bad as my last arm sting, so I think that my swimmers took most of the hit – thank goodness.  Despite this set back (after just 400m) the water was delicious.

I texted my challenger Monique at 8am to say day 27 DONE – she was impressed that I had got up and got it in already (she wasn’t the only one!)

Now as I write this it is 5pm, I did feel very smug about my morning swim until lunch time.  After lunch I kinda of felt that morning was ages ago and that I hadn’t actually gone.  Plus the fact that my all day meeting got cancelled threw me.  It was a completely flat day at Balmoral and perfect for swimming around the island, but due to tight time I didn’t do that route, instead I did a quick 1km round the buoys a few times and out.  The plan for next week is from one end of Balmoral to the other and back, which will be about 1.5km maybe even 2… but on a calm day so that I don’t get the seaweed tickling my toes round the island.

Hopefully tomorrow – DAY 28 of 1km swimming a day will be nice and flat and I can get over to Shelly beach and check out some fish, maybe even see my shark buddy, who knows – but it is a celebration day!!!!

I was on the weekend challenged to continue swimming to 31, 50 and 390 days (this was from a friend of Monique’s – you can see how they are friends!) consecutively.  Will I?  I feel FABULOUS and the tired arms have gone, my tummy is more toned and I am really enjoying it.  I think I am addicted!!!

Anyone else addicted to Ocean swimming?  or maybe just to a morning swim?  Let me know in the comments…


P.S. today I was wearing a black LOLL

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