LOLL turkish towels new range

I’m So Excited

I have been so excited the last few weeks (actually months) while I have been working on the new range of turkish towel LOLLs…  

It all started back in June, when I realised how popular my LOLL towels were getting, at that time it was winter here in Australia, so we weren’t selling 100s here, but over in Europe where summer hit full swing sales were really taking off.  The initial plan was just to have the 2 designs (black and striped) and see how they went then launch other versions once I knew that you guys loved them as much as I do.

Anyway, back to the story, the LOLL towels were selling well so I decided to expand the range.  Turkish towels (also known as peshamal or hamam) are getting more and more popular as people travel so much and want something light and easy to throw in their case, so I looked into getting the next LOLL range made from that fabric.  It is still 100% cotton, and still great at drying you, just lighter and less bulky.

LOLL turkish towel sampleI found a factory in Turkey and they agreed to make me one sample for me to test….  This is the one they made, not exactly right, but close.  Based on this I gave them feedback so that we could fix up things, like the zips that didn’t unzip all the way!

I got the turkish towel sample sent to me when I was in Italy staying with my brother in August and wore it on a 40 degree day at the pool and I LOVED IT.  Much lighter weight than the original LOLLs and perfect for super hot days to keep cool and it dries very fast.

Let’s Do This

From there I chose fabrics to make three new turkish towel LOLLs and now today I have the photos back from the photographers, the LOLLs are on their way to Australia, and will be here next week.  If you want to be one of the first to own one of these new designs jump over to the products and order one today!

What I love about the new turkish towel fabric LOLLs

  • Lightweight, so if you are traveling they won’t take up much space in your bag or weight
  • Dry quickly, hang them over a sun lounger or the balcony and they will be dry in minutes
  • Cool to wear, because the fabric is lighter they feel cooler
  • Look more like a beach dress than a towel, going to lunch in one is easier….

Turksih towel poncho in checks from LOLLLife is a Game of Chess

orange turkish towel ponchoApperitivo Before Dinner

turkish poncho towel in blueSunny Blue Sky



Once you have your new LOLL I’d love to see your photos of you wearing it, share on our Instagram account @LOLLbeach or Facebook /LOLLbeach – see you soon!


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