autumn day on Balmoral beachToday was a bright sunny day, perfect for a swim in the ocean.  I swam yesterday at Shelly beach where the ocean temperature was divine and I spent 50 minutes in the water enjoying the fish.  However, after reading the Bold and Beautiful swimming blog for today’s swim at Manly I thought it might be chilly because they reported an ocean temperature of 19.7 degrees at Manly beach this morning.

I know that Autumn is here and winter is on it’s way and with it the ocean temperature is falling, but after a delicious swim at Shelly yesterday I thought that today would be warmer than it was…..
I went down to Balmoral beach at 3.30pm, I didn’t check the ocean temperature board before I swam, otherwise I would have chickened out of swimming and with today being day 76 of my swimming challenge I couldn’t wimp out.

Although I went and bought a wetsuit on Friday I am trying to hold out as long as possible before I start wearing it, as I know once I start I won’t be taking it off anytime soon!

The water was pretty chilly getting in and I was the only one in the water – unsurprizingly all the sensible people were rugged up on the beach!  For the whole swim I was thinking “hot bath, hot bath” with each stroke to give myself the motivation to keep swimming!

I was wearing my new long sleeved swimsuit from O’Neill, not the new wetsuit and trying to be a hardy cold water outdoor swimmer, rather than a wimpy pool swimmer.  It was very hard!  I managed to swim 1.2km in a record time – 2 seconds per 100m faster than usual, which I can only put down to the coldness spurring me on!

Ocean temperature at Balmoral beachAs you can see from the photo of the ocean temperature board at Balmoral beach today it was a balmy 19 degrees in the water!  Brrr, but I did it, I swam I didn’t freeze, obviously, I had my LOLL to put on after to warm up and it was a definite hood up day!

My plan is to swim on for another 24 days, making 100 days of the swimming challenge, but will I be able to hold off on the wetsuit for much longer, that is the burning question….

I will report back on my progress – tomorrow is another Shelly beach swim, my plan is to distract myself from the cold water with the fish, then on Thursday I’m in the pool.  Are you still swimming in the ocean without a wetsuit?  Would you swim in 19 degree water?  Am I crazy?

it’s been a mad day here….


PS Today’s LOLL to warm me up after swimming was the Green Ocean Waves design…

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3 thoughts on “Brrr 19 Degree Water Today

  1. Roz Gillespie says:

    At 1pm I had an equally delicious Balmoral Beach swim today Tuesday, 14th May 19. Pretty sure the temperature was below the predicted Beachwatch temperature of 21c by 2 to 4 degrees. Head buzzing but so invigorating. Feell a bit whimpy about further swims untill summer.

    • Lara says:

      Hi Roz,

      You can totally get back in before the summer. Balmoral is always a few degrees cooler than the ocean, I swam today and it was lovely and warm, probably 21 degrees at Bondi. Try swimming in the ocean rather than the harbour 🙂

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