WInter open water swimming at Basin beachIf you had asked me back in March or even April if I would still be open water swimming (as opposed to pool swimming) in June, I am pretty sure the answer would have been no.  I remember that day back at the beginning of May when the water was 19 degrees at Balmoral and I complained bitterly about the temperature.

The ocean temperature is now around 18/19 degrees and I won’t try to pretend that it is balmy warm, but I am not open water swimming while thinking “Hot bath Hot bath” every stroke!

I went in at Manly on Saturday with a friend who hasn’t swum since Anzac day (April 25th) and she said “I didn’t enjoy that!”  Too cold for her, this is the same friend who started me on my open water swimming challenge, I had no sympathy, I told her that she should have been swimming everyday!

Today when I went into the surf the waves were breaking pretty hard onto the beach (I know that they look tiny in this photo, but they got bigger as soon as I got to the water!!!)  There was A LOT of seaweed to get through before I could get out behind the waves to swim.  Although this may sound a bit mad, this is actually the best way to get in, because if you dither around at the edge a BIG wave inevitably comes and knocks you over and you get wet….  This is what happened to me today I was phaffing about with my goggles and ended up in the wave!

When a wave knocks you over there really isn’t a choice about getting into the cold water – it makes the choice for you!  That my friends, is my tactic to get into the water when it’s cooler!

Once in the water it was so delicious that I bobbed about for a bit – it can’t have been THAT cold if I was bobbing!  Either that or I am getting acclimatised to the water temp?  Once you have been knocked over by a wave and had the breath knocked out of you it is much easier to start swimming straight away…  I don’t know why I didn’t work this out earlier?


PS Today I wore my Choppy Ocean Waves LOLL

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