poncho bath towelWhether you have one of my lovely LOLL poncho towels or another poncho towel, I just need to explain why a poncho towel IS also a poncho bath towel!

Poncho Bath Towel?!?!?!

What the?  I expect you are thinking, but it’s for the beach/pool, but no it can also be used at home.  This photo is of my brother’s teeny tiny bathroom in Italy, where he regularly uses his LOLL as his bath towel.  I asked why….

“It is so much easier, I don’t need to hold it up, I can just get out, throw it on and wander about the flat in it until I want to get dressed”

My brother loves a time saving gadget/widget and/or not having to get dressed, so I can see why this appeals to him.  I thought maybe it was just him, but my other brother also wears his LOLL like this, usually when on holiday rather than at home, but just throws it on after a shower and wears it – nothing else….

Of course you don’t need to be a guy to do this, girls can too…  I went for breakfast with friends in a cafe after an ocean swim a few weeks ago in “just my LOLL poncho” no one was any the wiser….  I know this for a fact as I said to a girlfriend on the way to the cafe “I wonder if I should be wearing undies…” she said I didn’t realise you weren’t.

Do you think that a poncho bath towel in the bathroom will catch on?  I can see why it appeals to guys, they like the freedom of not having clothes fitted closely to their bodies, but for women maybe we are just too busy doing other things to lie about in a poncho towel all day?

The Great Things About Using a Poncho Bath Towel

  1. No need to hold it up so that it stays on while you are moving about, particularly if you are sharing a bathroom and it is a bit of a dash back to your room
  2. The pockets are pretty good for putting shampoo or a room key in
  3. You can dry yourself while moving just because the towel is rubbing against your skin
  4. You don’t get that wet patch between your shoulders from where you forgot to dry (or maybe that’s just me…)
  5. If the phone or door goes while you are in the shower you won’t be dripping everywhere or flashing a delivery driver
  6. It has a hood which doubles as a hook making it very easy to hang up while showering

So have I convinced you?  Do you need to rush off and buy a LOLL (if so click on the shop button)  Or will you be sticking with your regular bath towel, decisions decisions, let me know in the comments below.


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