Paul Lemlin Photography: Barney Mullins Ocean Swim practice
I’m the one with pink arms on the right

Swimming I have realised is like life, and has been a real eye opener for me in the last few months.  It is probably the first time in my life when I have had to overcome a mental challenge that I couldn’t think my way out of.  What do I mean?

Let’s go back to November 9th 2016, my first pool session with Can Too as part of their swim program.  I couldn’t swim in my face in the water, I got chlorine up my nose and in my mouth, I cried.  I was so so so frustrated that I couldn’t do it, I seemed to have a mental block of just not being able to get that I could get enough air with my head in the water.  I panicked time and time again.

I spent hours and hours practising and it wasn’t until about 6 weeks later that I could finally do 100m without stopping.  Back then it would take me an hour to swim 1km because I had to stop and start so much, now I can do it in 29 minutes.

I have been swimming 4-5 times a week ever since the start of November, and yes my swimming has come on dramatically, but I am still no where near expert level.  I am now starting to see parallels to other parts of my life, like trying to lose weight (something that most women do at some point) it took me four months to be able to swim a 2km swim, with practice almost every day – I am not going to lose 10kg in a week/month it takes practice as well, a different kind of practice, but still practice.

Starting a business is the same, I look back on all the businesses I have started and at the beginning it would take me hours to write a business plan, come up with the name, do the website etc.  Now I find it easy, I have done all the practicing I need.

I have realised that when you start anything new it takes time, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to realise this.  I am naturally impatient and usually manage to kind of wing it I guess.  Now when I start something new and I don’t get results straight away, I think back to day 1 in the pool and how much practice it took to get me to where I am now and realise that it will take time and some things you just can’t rush.

A bit of a deep blog post today, nothing about towels, but hopefully it’s given you a chance to reflect and understand more about you 🙂


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