Santa Marinella beach near RomeLocation:  Santa Marinella beach in Italy about 45 minutes drive from Rome
Size: It is a large beach, stretching about 2km in length
Type of beach: Sandy beach, not fine sand, a little coarse.

Shade: Yes, in that it is wall to wall beach umbrella’s however you have to pay for both the umbrellas and the loungers

Water:  Clear blue water, and it starts out shallow and slowly gets deeper

Features: The beach is about 45 minutes drive from Rome and is a holiday destination for locals wanting to escape to the day or a few days, plus it is easily accessible by train.  Apart from the beach umbrella’s and sun loungers, the beach has a holiday vibe with a real mixture of visitors.  The ocean is flat so taking out an inflatable or stand up paddle board is very easy.

Lifeguards: No

Facilities: Beach umbrellas and sun loungers – it is near on impossible to get a spot on the sand unless you are right next to the water or at the back, so you don’t have much choice about hiring an umbrella and/or lounger.  There are also cafes and restaurants on the edge of the beach which makes it easy to get food and drinks.  Later in the evening there are also bars open which have DJs, plus there are beach sellers going up and down the beach selling clothing, food and other items.

There is parking on the surrounding streets but no designated car park next to the beach and toilets are spaced out at numerous places along the beach making it very convenient for families.

Suitable for:  Santa Marinella beach is great for families, singles and friends.  For couples who want some peace and quiet this is not really the beach to go to, there were a lot of children while I was there, and also beach sellers.  The calm waters, convenience of facilities like the toilets and cafes make it a great family beach where children can easily make friends and hang out.  However if you want to play any beach games e.g. with a beach ball, there isn’t really room for this unless you are in the water.

Overall: This was an experience to visit, but as a single woman on the beach, personally I prefer somewhere a bit quieter where I can’t reach out to touch my neighbour (well they were about 1m away from my chair).  It is a lovely beach, but I am not really a massive fan of the umbrella and sun lounger’s lined up across the whole beach.

2 thoughts on “Santa Marinella Beach, Italy Reviewed

  1. Nuno says:

    What a crap experience “beaching in Italy is! First of all you have to pay to use a beach?? Coming from Australia this was very unusual.
    Second of all, after I excepted the fact that we had to pay, we tried to get a umbrella/deck chairs area and were told, that they were all booked out! This is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. I travelled all the way from Australia , and can’t have a space in the sand for me to park myself and my family?!?!? Italy, you are disappointing in regards to your beaching! A place I will
    Never come back to!

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