setting a swim challenge

If you have been a regular blog reader (which I hope you have!) you will know that I did a swimming challenge earlier this year to swim 1km per day for 100 consecutive days.  I achieved this, I won’t say easily as there were some hard days like the one when I moved house and had to swim in a cold floodlit ocean pool!

Setting a Swim Challenge

My new challenge for 2017 is to swim a total of 365km over the year – this is as measured by my swim watch (I use a Suunto), which I didn’t get until February 2017, so the official swims that I know the distance for are in the numbers, but any practice sessions aren’t 🙁  Nevermind.

So as of today I have swum 190km and I have therefore got 175km to go… hmm only just over halfway – my recent trip to the UK put me back a bit!  There are currently 125 days left in 2017 which means if I swim every day I need to swim 1.4km a day to reach my target – not unachievable.  However, I need to be realistic it is doubtful that I will be able to 1.4km a day, as I know that I have a few all day events that fitting a swim in before might be a challenge.

Working on swimming 6 days a week for the rest of the year I need to swim an average of 1.6km each day.  Which is going to be a step up since at the moment I am only doing about 1.2km most days – time to put on my goggles and get in the ocean and start swimming.

See what I did?  385km sounds massive, but by breaking it down into what I know I can achieve it makes it much easier.  I know for example that swimming 6 days a week I can do, increasing my swim distance to 1.6km is a push, but I want to be challenged, if it was easy it wouldn’t be a challenge.  Plus I start back on the Cantoo Swim program in November which will push me, most weeks in the pool we swim over 2km.

Have you thought about a setting a swim challenge?  Love to hear what you are up to, let me know in the comments…


Ps I wore my black LOLL today when I swam

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