Shark poncho towel for grownupsAfter a suggestion from a friend I decided to see if a Shark poncho towel is something that should be added to the LOLL range.  This time rather than decide myself I thought I’d let you decide by using Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform, so it’s like preordering a product, you only pay if the funding target is met, then the finished product is sent out once they are made, so you are buying BEFORE the shark poncho towel is made.

The good thing about Kickstarter is that I get to see if it is something that people are actually interested in rather than spending lots of money on stock and then they don’t sell. The not so good thing about the Shark Towel poncho being on Kickstarter is that the campaign only runs for a short time, in this case 14 days, if I don’t make the target of $5,000 in 14 days then the project doesn’t go ahead, and no shark LOLLs 🙁

The Shark Poncho Towel

shark poncho towel drawingThese are the two designs for the shark poncho towel LOLL, a blue one and a grey one.

These LOLLs are going to be slightly bigger than the current LOLLs at 80cm wide (instead of our current 70) and 105cm long.  They will still have the zips down the side as well as the internal pockets, which all LOLLs have.

I think that the shark’s teeth will look great once someone has the hood up, as it will look as if a shark is eating you!

This time because it is a Kickstarter campaign you have the opportunity to buy your LOLL at a special price, these are going to be $60 each when they launch officially in June, but if you buy via the Kickstarter campaign you get your shark poncho towel for $50.

To get your very own Shark LOLL go to the Kickstarter page and make a pledge… you have until April 16th at 3pm AEST.

What are you waiting for?



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