shark towel poncho hoodDid I scare you? 🙂 Well the new WORLD FIRST Shark towel LOLL is kinda scary!  Hitting beaches and pools all over the world it is the poncho towel to be seen in this season.

The photo here is of the hood and neck of the Shark poncho towel, as you can see the *sharp* (not so much) white teeth at the top of the hood and around the neck make it look as if you have your head in a shark’s mouth!

The Shark Towel was launched at Fistral beach in Cornwall last week at the Boardmasters Surfing festival, where it was eaten up!

The Shark towel also has eyes on the hood, so it can see its prey and two fins – one on the hood and one on the back.

shark towel poncho

At the surf festival there were a lot of beach goers eager to be eaten alive by the shark towel, strap on a fin and get into the summer spirit.

The shark LOLL poncho towel has been made slightly bigger than the other LOLLs based on feedback from you guys our buyers – it is the same length at the front and back at 105cm, and is 80cm wide which is 10cm wider than current LOLLs making it perfect for guys and well as girls.

Every shark LOLL still has the side zippers as well as two internal pockets making it the perfect outfit to wear to the beach, pool, around the house or to a party!

Plus 5% of every sale of a Shark LOLL is donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society which protects ocean wildlife and their homes.  As an ocean swimmer I think it is important to give back, otherwise those sharks and rays I love seeing won’t be around 🙁

I am planning to launch some other animal LOLLs, what do you think they should be?  Comment below….


Ps Obvs I wore the Shark LOLL while writing this

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