If you have a swim team, water polo team or other sports team that want something practical and useful with your team logo and/or name on it then welcome to the wonderful world of LOLL custom poncho towels for teams.

The customisation on the LOLL custom poncho towels can be:

  • Embroidery on the back or front – this has no minimum quantity
  • Your choice of towel colour
  • Printed logo/design on the LOLL towel

How Do LOLL Custom Poncho Towels for teams work?

Use a Current LOLL design

There is no minimum order quantity if you use one of the LOLL range that we have in stock.  Just choose the one you want and get in touch with details of the text or logo you’d like on it.  The price for adding your logo or text in embroidery starts at $20 depending on how many words/how big your logo is – there is no set up cost.  Once we have your logo we can give you an accurate quote.  The price of the LOLLs reduces to $45 each when you order 5 or more.  Orders over 20 LOLLs will reduce the price further.

Custom Towel

If you’d like to choose the colour of the towel or would like a printed design on the towel then the minimum order quantity is 200 LOLLs.  With this option you can choose:

  • The LOLL towel colour or design eg green with your logo or mascot on it repeated
  • The colour of the zippers on your LOLLs
  • Whether you want an internal pocket or not (we recommend yes)
  • Whether you want the LOLL logo or not (again we recommend yes)

These custom poncho towels take around 4 weeks to be produced once the design has been finalised.  If you want a sample shipped to you that can be done (for an additional cost), but production will still be four weeks once you are ready to go ahead.  Shipping will be included in the quote to one destination as it depends on the number ordered and location sent to.

Get in touch with Lara TODAY to get your LOLL custom poncho towels ordered.