Sydney Skinny dip

You may be wondering why is a naked man’s bum on this blog post?  Well yesterday was the Sydney Skinny dip swim.  It was at Cobbler’s beach (a naturlist beach) in Sydney harbour, just across from Balmoral.  This was the 6th year of the Sydney skinny dip and nearly 1400 people turned out to bare all, and yes readers I was one of them!

Once you were in the water the actual swim was 900m (but according to my gps watch it was only 650m) or 300m, so even if you weren’t a strong swimmer it wasn’t too hard – people went in with floaties, fins, pool noodles and snorkels it was a very relaxed event compared to an ocean swim, plus it wasn’t timed.  You could even go round a few times if you wanted – I did 2 laps to get my 1km for the day in 🙂

There were 14 waves, that is groups of people who swam, and you went down in your group to the beach down a VERY muddy track – there were 2 thong blowouts just in my group it was boggy.  Once you arrived at the beach you took your clothes off and jumped in the water, simple as that.

Yippee skinny dip doneI was in group 7, so by the time I got down there there was a lot of people there, many were just hanging about naked after their swim having a chat, taking photos or having a glass of wine – a pretty socialiable event.  Obviously I went down in my LOLL (Green ocean waves one as you are asking), that’s it, so I just took it off and I was ready.  Personally I didn’t find it daunting or intimidating or embarassing, but I know that others did.  There were quite a few guys kinda posing if you know what I mean, and there was no chance of not looking at a naked body, they were everywhere!

Personally I love a good skinny dip, but usually I do it at night when there is no one about and it feels kind of naughty, as opposed to an organised event, which I had to say didn’t feel quite so crazy.

Once in the water you couldn’t see much of anyone’s nakedness, just the odd bare bum swimming past you.  There was a naked life guard on a surf board, and all I was thinking was SUNBURN!!  I hope he isn’t suffering from a burnt bum today.  Once you arrived back at the beach there were sarong bearers handing out sarongs so you were literally naked for seconds if you wanted to be.

If you want to see more photos from the day check out The Sydney Skinny on Facebook or the Daily Mail article and get ready for 2018…..


P.S. Today I wore the Green Ocean Waves LOLL

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