stormy ocean swimAs I approached Fairlight beach this afternoon, it looked like a stormy ocean, or if not as yet stormy then soon to be become stormy….

There was a sewage issue which meant that my usual Balmoral beach was potentially poluted and should be avoided, so I ventured over to Fairlight, thinking it would probably be quite flat and I could pump out a quick 1km.

The black clouds looking out through the heads (that’s the gap of land in the middle) looked rather ominous and there are a lot of rocks around here – perfect to smash your head open on – not that I have ever done it!  Plus there was no one on the beach at all…  Usually at Balmoral you get the odd random tourist who thinks that sunbathing is a good idea whatever the weather.

I did think maybe it’s not the best day to swim round to Delaware beach, but thought let’s just see how it is once I’m in.  To be completely honest I wasn’t so worried about the stormy ocean, but more about the fisherman on the rocks – I didn’t want to be caught!!

The safe way out would have been to swim in the ocean pool (in the left of the photo), but going up and down the same stretch where is the adventure in that!?

Out I went.

Stormy Ocean vs. Seaweed

I HATE seaweed when I am swimming, it tickles your toes and freaks you out thinking it is a fish/shark/monster plus you can’t see what is hiding in there….  As I left the beach the water was pretty shallow and there were a couple of seaweed instances, which was more worrying than the stormy ocean!

I was surprised that the waves were quite strong when I was leaving the beach, but I felt pretty strong as well – great considering that this is my 30th day of 1km swimming per day.  Last time I did this swim it was back on March 12th, and I was pretty pathetic – it was day 18.  Day 17-20 were all pretty slow – I hit an OMG I am so tired and my arms are going to fall off period, which I am now through thank goodness.

Fairlight to Delaware beachThe Fairlight to Delaware beach swim is just under 1km, depending on how close you go to the rocks, so I did a bit more swimming about to get myself over the 1km, don’t worry I didn’t slack off!

As I came out of the water it was raining, not hard, but still rain, of the two fishermen I saw on the rocks before I went in one had gone to eat his lunch – obviously a fairweather fisherman!

So day 30 DONE!  Only another 34 days to go before I finish this challenge and head on holiday.  You are welcome to join me on the challenge for the next 34 days if you are keen – just comment below.


ps Today I wore the Black LOLL

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