Wearing the new change towelToday down at Manly beach it really felt like summer was back, the sun was out the sky was blue, it was a beautiful day for a swim.

Despite my moaning about cold toes earlier in the week, I am still swimming daily – today marks day 44.  However, as we get further into Autumn more the need to get dressed after a swim becomes important, the days of going for coffee in my swimmers and a LOLL is over until next summer 🙁

There is a new LOLL out – Choppy Ocean Waves so of course, I had to head to the beach to give it a “proper” test run – I wouldn’t want to sell anything that hasn’t been tested!  This new LOLL is slightly longer at the front than previous LOLLs so makes it the perfect change towel.

Change towel that covers your kneesThe longer front on this poncho change towel also keeps your knees warmer!  Today the sun was out so I didn’t need the knee warming feature, but I did need to change under it after my swim.

When you swim at Manly beach there are showers and a changing room, but the showers are cold 🙁  The steps therefore to changing are,

  1. Swim & go to the showers, but don’t use your towel yet!
  2. Shower in the cold showers trying not to squeak too much!
  3. Put your LOLL change towel on, zip up the sides, put the hood up (this helps your hair dry and makes you feel MUCH warmer) and rub your body from the outside of the towel!

That was me today, and as it gets colder I will be putting heat packs in the pocket of my LOLL!  I’m joking at the moment, but I suspect that there will come a day in August when that seems like a fabulous idea – imagine getting out of a cold shower to a nice warm LOLL towel… mmmm that is going to be a whole other blog post, watch this space!

My verdict on the new Choppy Waves LOLL?

It works!  Great pattern, love the longer front – this was requested by lots of peeps who want their knees covered, plus the zip up the side starts 5cm higher up which gives you a bit more side coverage.

Loving the blog get them emailed daily…


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