The ocean swimming season has started – well for me anyway, back at training this week to get fit and ready for the Palm beach swim in January 2017 to raise money for Cantoo which supports Cancer research.  I have got my towel for swimming sorted (as of course I am sure you hoped I would have) – I am alternating between a striped LOLL towel for the Manly beach swims to the black LOLL towel for the pool swimming lessons.

I have to say that so far I am REALLY not a big fan of the pool training – it’s in a chlorinated pool and I just hate the way the water goes in your mouth, up your nose and round again – yuk!  But it’s all about stroke correction and getting strength up for the big swim…  I don’t think that I am going to end up loving the chlorine, but I am determined to master the swimming and breathing thing.

Wearing my towel for swimming as stripey LOLLFirst Ocean Swim with Cantoo

Here we all are at the pre-swim talk last Saturday getting the low down on what is going to happen and when – that’s our coach there in the middle and I’m the one in the striped LOLL and VERY attractive orange swimming hat (it’s compulsory to wear it for safety).

I was very happy wearing my LOLL as my towel for swimming, I just put it on top of my bathers, jumped in the car and headed down to Manly and then after had a shower and wore my LOLL to breakfast and home again.

Towel for Swimming?

Interestingly there were a few people in their own version’s of LOLLs as their towel for swimming, the Cantoo ones were bright ORANGE, personally (and of course I am not biased) I preferred my LOLL to those 🙂  Most peeps were however using a regular rectangular beach towel and just wrapped it around their waist after the swim, so there are options, but wearing a LOLL is by far the easiest option in my humble opinion.

Wednesday evening is swimming lessons at the pool with Saturday morning in the ocean at Manly, watch this space for updates on the swim and if you’d like to sponsor me please head over to my Cantoo fundraising page – thanks 🙂

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