Swimming in a wetsuitLast week I wore my wetsuit for the very first time.  As you probably know June and winter are here in Australia and the water temperature is 18-19 degrees, so I thought maybe it was time for swimming in a wetsuit….

Here I am before on Mona Vale beach (now my local) ready to go.

First up when you decide that you want to wear a wetsuit for swimming you there are two things to look out for…

  1. Make sure you try on the wetsuit before you buy – you need to make sure that you can get it on and off (most important) on your own and that you can move your arms in it to swim… Pretend swimming in a wetsuit in the shop is a MUST!!
  2. Your wetsuit only needs to be 2-3mm, the thicker your suit the harder it is going to be to swim in it – the neoprene just won’t be flexible enough for you to move your arms!

Plus maybe give a friend’s one a try before you decide to buy one in case like me you aren’t that keen on it!

I gave my wetsuit a road test last Thursday, as I have been feeling cold in the water of late.  But I have, to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it….

Reasons I didn’t Enjoy Swimming in a wetsuit

  • The only part of my body that actually was in direct contact with the water was my hands, neck and head, so I didn’t have that goosebumps feeling on my legs – I have now realised that I actually like that feeling – it’s a feeling of being alive!
  • Swimming in a wetsuit you are REALLY buoyant.  I felt like a bit of driftwood!  I was right on the surface of the water all the time and actually standing up if I stopped was a bit tricky.
  • I felt that I was kind of thick, it’s hard to explain, but it was like wearing jeans without the heaviness.  I felt enclosed and I just didn’t like it

Obviously, the positives to swimming in a wetsuit are that you are warmer.  But I think that I have realised that I actually enjoy the cold water on my skin it is, after the initial shock, exhilarating!

So that leaves me having spent $149 on a wetsuit that I’m not going to wear to swim in – duh!  I’m sure will wear it at some point…  But if you need a ladies Roxy size 12 wetsuit you know where to come!


P.s. I wore a LOLL over my wetsuit of course – a black one so that I looked like a ninja swimmer!!!

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