Swimming in the rainThe last few weeks have not been the kind of weather that makes you want to pop down to the beach and do a 1km swim, so swimming in the rain has become part of my life!

When you are on a 28 day challenge (thanks Monique) to swim at least a km every day for 28 days then you can either suck it up or go to a pool….  Me personally I prefer the ocean, just not a fan of chlorine.

This photo here is the view from the car at the beach before I went swimming in the rain earlier this week.  Now I do usually walk down to the beach, it’s about 10 minutes, but when the rain is coming down sideways I drive – lazy? maybe, want to get dry quickly after 45 minutes in the ocean? Definitely!

Rainy day at Balmoral beachThere are challenges that come with swimming in the rain depending on the day, if the sky is very grey and cloudy then it means visibility will be practically zero, you get rain in your mouth when you breathe – depending on the slant of the rain and you get WET!

Swimming In the Rain The Facts!

If you are swimming in the rain in the ocean in Australia here are some of the facts to consider…

  1. The storm water drains run off into the ocean, which means that the ocean often gets lots of dirt, leaves, twigs and potentially rubbish floating in it which isn’t the best
  2. With the storm water run off it can bring bacteria which may cause infection
  3. The NSW Environment agency recommends “that you avoid swimming during and at least one day after heavy rain at ocean beaches, and for three days at estuarine swimming areas”
  4. You will get wet!
  5. Once you are in the water you don’t really notice the rain, it is just the before and after
  6. Although the air temperature is often colder with the rain, the water temperature is still pretty warm, at the moment it is 22 degrees in Sydney in the water

The biggest thing to be aware of if you are swimming in the ocean after or during rain is that there may be bacteria in the water, a friend of mine got an ear infection (officially called “swimmers ear”) swimming at Manly beach back in February and still over four weeks later is not right.  Having said that lots of people swim all year round in the ocean rain, shine, storms or rips and don’t have any problems, he was just unlucky.

Me personally, once I am at the beach I love swimming in the rain.  For me swimming in the rain gives me a virtuous feeling – saying to all those wimps who aren’t exercising because it is raining – nah nah I did it!  I have to point out that I don’t go round saying that to people, I just feel it inside for the whole day – I AM A SUPERSTAR!

Today is day 22 of my 28 swimming challenge, the rain may stop briefly but it looks like it has pretty much set in for the day, so it’s time to get down to the beach and pump out a km or more!

Have I persuaded you?  Will you now try swimming in the rain?

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Ps today I wore the blue and white striped LOLL

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