swimming into summer with this cossieAs you know I am a BIG fan of the long sleeved swimsuit, so swimming into summer I decided why not create a collection to sell online?

Swimming Into Summer

As someone with a swimsuit fetish (that means I love them so much I buy lots!) – I have 4 long sleeved swimmers and am currently on the lookout for number 5! It is something that I just love love shopping for, so I thought why not bring the 2 together.

Swimming into summer it is hard to own lots of swimsuits as they tend to cost ALOT, these ones I have sourced from China and all are under $60 and have free shipping!  There are lots of sizes from 6 to 18, as well as different styles and designs.

You could be wearing a backless one, or one with a lace-up bodice, or for a sophisticated look how about a one piece with mesh panels, there are 27 different designs to choose from, so you can get a spooky Halloween cossie, or a lovely floral one piece as shown here.

Most of the one pieces are $49 so at that price you can afford to get a swimwear fetish and start owning 1 for every different occasion!

Swimming into summer has never been easier (or cheaper) and not only will you look amazing on the beach or at the pool but you will also be covered from the sun (unless of course you go backless).  Look good while you laze about with friends, stand up paddle board (SUP), surf, swim or just play with the children.  Check out my new site www.longsleeveswimsuits.com.au for a great selection of one pieces that are sure to rock your world, plus of course look awesome with any LOLL you happen to be wearing!



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